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August 20, 2021

     Quineta Perry knows that Goldsboro has thrived since the town’s beginnings in 1871 because of its roots in magic; a magic that also protects Goldsboro from a malevolent force.

     When Sojo and Mike uncover secrets that send Quinn diving into her family’s past, there’s only one person she’ll turn to for help: Frederick Douglass Davidson, her best friend since childhood.

     Lately, Freddy’s been haunted by dreams that he can’t remember, so he hopes that helping Quinn will put an end to the nighmares. He certainly didn’t expect the nighmares to lead to hot sex with his best friend.

     While Quinn an Freddy don’t want to ruin their friendship, their desire for each other keeps growing even as they race to save Goldsboro from destruction.

Secret Destiny: Project
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