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September 20, 2022

   Sheila Carpenter finally has the perfect life and the perfect man: Goldsboro’s newest mayor. Now she just needs to plan the perfect wedding; unfortunately, there’s one small problem—a first husband that she never quite divorced.
   Finding Dunbar should be her biggest concern, but then her twin sister Sheryl involves her in a search for Goldsboro’s “rightful mayor.” As if that won’t lead to even more complications. Once Dunbar signs the divorce papers, though, there will be one less problem in her life.
   Except Dunbar unexpectedly shows up in Goldsboro.
   Dunbar Moore realizes two things when he gets to town: he’s not quite over his wife and the best excuse for staying in Goldsboro is to write an article on the town’s mayor. His wife’s fiancé. And if that isn’t complicated enough, Sheila somehow gets him involved in her search for Goldsboro’s mayor, which means facing off with the town’s oldest enemy: the mysterious and powerful Derek Hastings.

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Stolen Legacy: Project
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