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September 20, 2022

 Sheryl Carpenter joined the Goldsboro Police Department three years ago when she returned home after nearly a decade in Chicago. Quiet and peaceful Goldsboro was precisely what she needed. Nothing exciting ever happened until trouble spiked last summer when Mayor Nellie died.
   Now, a year later, the Sheriff has asked Sheryl to reinvestigate the fire at Mr. Henry's house, which raises her suspicions. Unfortunately, her investigation puts her right in the path of Ricky Howard, Goldsboro's resident, too sexy bad boy.
   Ricky Howard hasn't been in trouble in years, but he can't shake his bad-boy reputation. He also harbors some resentment toward the police, which is why his attraction to Deputy Sheryl Carpenter is seriously unwelcome. When his search for Goldsboro's "rightful mayor" forces him to work closely with Deputy Carpenter, he fights his growing desire for her. Even as the mysterious Derek Hastings returns to Goldsboro and threatens the only home Ricky has ever known.

Stolen Destiny: Project
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