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Storyteller at Heart

In 2017, after years filled with hesitation, I published my first full-length novels: Slave Ship Rising, about a possessed slave ship, and Black Borne—the first in a series about an immortal demon hunter born in 18th century slavery.

And I realized that there is no greater feeling than a childhood dream come to fruition. I hope that my love of Black history and the paranormal finds a kindred spirit in you. Enjoy!

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December 14, 2023!

If it ain't one thing….

Neema just can’t catch a break.

Ishtar is trying to resurrect Dodzi, the last demon hunter.

Her immortality might be fading.

Baal and Mawu are ignoring her calls.

The witches haven’t given up on kidnapping Angelica.

And Daniel, the hijacker demon, wants her to find his lost lover

Who’s been missing since 1969!

Whoever said trouble comes in threes

Stopped counting much too soon.

….it’s another.


“If one is lucky, a solitary fantasy can transform a thousand realities.”

Maya Angelou

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Get in touch to discover more writings by me and to follow my literary journey.

Atlanta, GA

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